How to Choose the Right Material for Sheet Metal Parts?  

The effect that can be brought out in precision sheet metal differs from one material to another, ranging from ordinary cold-rolled sheet to composite precision sheet metal. This is because the degree of processing and the material used will affect the effect of the whole sheet metal. Generally speaking, the two main criteria for judging the standard of precision sheet metal are the anti-corrosion type and wear resistance. Then how to choose the right material for precision sheet metal processing?

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The correct choice of materials depends on the customer’s needs, because there are different uses and cost control, so there are also differences in the choice of materials. The common cold rolled sheet is mainly some steel coils with strong thickness, and the surface of these materials is not specially treated, so it is very easy to be oxidized in the air. Quick proofing of sheet metal parts.

If it is to be used in humid air, then the service life will be cut much shorter. Secondly, nowadays, the normal level of sheet metal will be plated, and galvanizing is also one of them. In the processing of precision sheet metal, the base material is mainly some cold rolled steel coils, and this part of the material will also be plated, pickled, degreased, etc. The finished product is galvanized composite sheet metal. Customized precision sheet metal custom made aluminum box, enclosure, cabinet.etc.

Another method of material selection is according to the mainstream trend, now the more widely used is stainless steel material, which is relatively low in price, and has high corrosion resistance, and after later processing, it has good hardness and tensile strength, and it is also a kind of precision sheet metal processing material with high cost performance. If the cost control of the business is strong, this raw material is indeed a Z-optimal choice, which can bring high performance, and the service life is not short, and can also greatly reduce the cost.

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