Why Choose Aluminum Enclosure Box?


Sheet Metal Box
                         Sheet Metal Box

Aluminum enclosure box is generally made of aluminum alloy plate, through punching press molding, surface anodizing treatment and other processes. The design continues our consistent simple style, simple and generous, practical and strong, can quickly enhance the product grade, help the product to improve the added value.

Aluminum material itself unique color and luster and the advantages of light weight and low cost is generally other metals do not have. The surface treatment process of aluminum is very diversified, and various colors can be customized according to the needs of different customers, and the logo of the corporate brand value that customers need to reflect can also be expressed by various production processes. In addition, the quality of aluminum is much lighter than iron or steel, and the strength and hardness of paper packaging is much greater, which can protect the products well and will not increase the cost of packaging and transportation. Therefore, aluminum box is the best choice for all kinds of cosmetics, tea, health products, and electronic products packaging.

The surface of the custom aluminum box can be anodized, sandblasted, dioxidized, waxed, brushed, atomized and so on according to the customer’s demand to produce a variety of different surface colors and effects, but also through the screen printing, pad printing, spray painting, laser laser engraving, batch of flowers, punching convex, pressure concave, labeling, drip glue, diamond inlay and other processes to produce the customer’s required performance of various types of logos.Click here to contact sheet metal box manufactures for further details.

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