The Process of Machining Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts

Custom Made Metal Boxes
Custom Made Metal Boxes

The picture on the left is a semi-finished sheet metal part from a customer of Dongguan Jiatong Precision Hardware Products Co. Let me introduce to you the processing process of this sheet metal part.

First, when we receive a drawing from a customer, we need to evaluate it and consider whether the company’s tooling, production equipment, etc. can complete the production of this sheet metal product, and if so, proceed to the next step. the material best suited for sheet metal processing is selected, and the sheet metal is cut into the desired shape using various tools such as shears, plasma cutters or laser cutters, and then bent into different shapes using bending machines or other specialized bending tools. The rough edges of the product are smoothed with a sheet metal tool to create a specific surface finish. Specialized dies are then used to create intricate shapes and contours on the sheet metal. The sheet metal parts are then joined together using welding techniques such as TIG, MIG or spot welding. Finally, surface treatments are applied: powder coating, electrophoresis, electroplating, etc. A point worth noting is that the difference between laser doweling and CNC doweling is that laser doweling is flexible and productive, but expensive; CNC doweling is fast and inexpensive, but requires specific tooling.

Each process requires specialized equipment and expertise to achieve precise results. A skilled operator must carefully plan and execute each step of the process to ensure that the final product meets the desired specifications. CNC machines can also be used to automate many of these processes, resulting in greater efficiency and consistency in the production of sheet metal parts. If you need custom sheet metal products and are looking for a professional and reputable sheet metal company, a good choice is Dongguan Jiatong Precision Hardware Products Co.

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