Steel sheet metal processing

Common processing technologies of sheet metal parts include blanking, bending, stretching, forming, layout, minimum bending radius, burr, springback, dead edge, welding, etc. The main content of this paper is the blanking of sheet metal parts, and the blanking methods are mainly digital punching and laser cutting. As the main content of this article, the data punching is especially used.

  1. Processing range of plate thickness: cold rolled plate and hot rolled plate are less than or equal to 3.0mm; Aluminum plate is less than or equal to 4.0mm; Rusted steel less than or equal to 2.0mm
  2. Requirements for the minimum size of punching: the minimum size of punching is related to the shape of the hole, the mechanical properties of the material and the thickness of the material. If the size of the round hole or rectangular hole is much larger than the thickness of the plate, the thickness of the plate has no effect on the size of the hole.

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