Six advantages of CNC cutting machine in sheet metal industry

CNC cutting machine is the product of the development of modern science. It is also a technological revolution in sheet metal processing, and has brought revolutionary ideas to sheet metal manufacturing and processing. Laser cutting technology and CNC cutting machine equipment are being familiar and accepted by the majority of plate processing enterprises. With its advantages of high processing efficiency, high processing precision, good cutting section quality and three-dimensional cutting processing, it gradually replaces the traditional sheet metal cutting equipment (mainly CNC equipment, including traditional sheet metal processing equipment such as shearing machine, punch, flame cutting, plasma cutting and high-pressure water cutting). Laser processing technology plays a very important role in sheet metal processing technology, which improves the labor productivity of sheet metal process and promotes the development of sheet metal process. CNC cutting machine has high flexibility, which can greatly reduce the processing cycle, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, improve the processing accuracy and speed up the development of products(sheet metal cabinet). These advantages are concerned by many manufacturing enterprises.

The use of sheet metal CNC cutting machine has the following six advantages:

  1. Laser cutting has high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency and short product production cycle;


  1. Laser cutting without cutting force, processing without deformation;


  1. No tool wear, good material adaptability and long effective life;


  1. Whether it is simple or complex sheet metal parts, CNC cutting machine can use laser precision rapid prototyping cutting at one time;


  1. It has the advantages of narrow cutting seam, good cutting quality, high degree of automation, simple operation, low labor intensity and no pollution;


  1. It can realize automatic cutting layout and nesting, improve material utilization, low production cost and good economic benefit.

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