Sheet metal drawing planning

Some old group of sheet metal processing engineers like to use AutoCAD as the planning software of sheet metal chassis cabinet sheet metal part product model, and introduce parametric skills. The features have the nature of parameterization, and their features are expressed in the way of parameters. Engineers establish a feature library in advance, which includes the features of parts commonly processed by sheet metal, such as flat plates, holes and grooves of various methods. Planning is to first input all the information of parts, select the matrix features in the feature library, generate matrix features, and take this as the basis for feature equipment modeling. Then the required features are selected from the feature library, the feature parameters and positioning parameters are given through the feature parameter table and positioning parameter table, and the feature equipment is carried out to establish the shape feature model. Finally, input other feature information and establish product feature model. However, the disadvantage of AutoCAD software is that it can only end the plane outline drawing, but now SolidWorks software is used more, because it can end the three-dimensional effect, so that users can see the three-dimensional effect drawing of the product they want on the computer, even when it is quickly presented in front of their eyes. The feature part model established by using this thinking has the following characteristics:

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(1) the integrated feature modeling system provides a product model with complete information with a few, features and common sense for each link of cheap application, which provides an end basis for the integration of CAD, CAPP and CAM application modules.

(2) Compared with a few modeling software, feature-based modeling provides a more natural and convenient way to express the planner’s intention, allowing the planner to directly describe parts in engineering terms.

(3) The multi-level product model of information description not only has high-level feature parameters and feature connections, but also has several low-level topological elements. On the one hand, it provides high-level semantic information for subsequent feature reviews, on the other hand, it provides basis entities for the marking of normative and precision features.

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