Quality and specification of grinding

1) Grinding and polishing quality

After grinding, the surface of the parts shall be free of unevenness, burr, concave hole and trachoma. After polishing, the overall surface shall be smooth. The surface of stainless steel products or welding parts(custom sheet metal parts) shall be treated with XX mesh wire drawing. After wire drawing, the wire direction of the product surface shall be the same, and the thickness shall be the same. There shall be no obvious stratification, blackening and yellowing.

2) Quality inspection after polishing

  1. Whether the overall dimension after grinding and polishing meets the product dimension requirements.
  2. After grinding and polishing, the surface of the parts shall be smooth without concave convex holes or poor welding;
  3. there is no obvious uneven grinding and polishing on the surface of parts, and the overall surface is consistent.

3) Safety technology

  1. Wear protective masks (or face masks) and glasses when working.
  2. Before work, check whether the grinding wheel is damaged, whether the safety protection device is intact and whether the ventilation and dust removal device is effective.
  3. During installation, pay attention to the compression degree of the nut. It is easy to compress the nut until there is no sliding when the grinding wheel moves. When there are multiple compression screws, tighten them gradually and evenly in diagonal order.
  4. After the grinding wheel is installed, the protective cover must be reinstalled before trial run. The straight grinding wheel shall be idled for 5 minutes. No obvious vibration is allowed when the grinding wheel rotates.
  5. When grinding and polishing, start the dust suction device first, hold the workpiece firmly, do not use excessive force, do not push the element with a lever, and do not stand in the front of the grinding wheel to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking and hurting people.
  6. It is forbidden to use the end face for grinding and polishing the grinding wheel that is not specially used for end face grinding.
  7. When grinding and polishing with hand-held electric grinder, there must be a solid protective cover and a protective neutral line, or equipped with leakage protector, and the following safety operation procedures for electric hand grinding wheel must be observed.
  8. When more than two people grind and polish at the same time, they are not allowed to work in the same direction at the same time to prevent accidents.
  9. The concave convex part of the workpiece shall be polished gently without excessive force, and the edges and corners of the workpiece shall not be polished, so as to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking and hurting people.
  10. After work, cut off the power supply and confirm that the grinding wheel stops running before leaving the post.

4) Operation specification

  1. Before work, check whether the grinding wheel is damaged, whether the protective device is intact and whether the ventilation and dust removal device is effective.
  2. When installing the grinding wheel, it must be checked whether the maximum speed allowed by the grinding wheel is consistent with the spindle speed.
  3. The products to be polished shall be placed stably, and small parts shall be fixed to avoid processing defects caused by product displacement during grinding.
  4. Use the grinding tools correctly, and check and replace the severely worn grinding wheel or polishing plate in time.
  5. During grinding, the grinding tool shall be held tightly, and the grinding wheel shall keep 15-30 ° with the working surface step by step. Excessive force shall not lead to surface depression.
  6. When polishing the door panel surface, the weight of the polishing tool shall be used. The polishing plate shall be smoothly combined with the machined surface, and the mode of translation or circular motion shall be adopted. It is not allowed to apply force halfway and change the angle at will.
  7. If pores, slag inclusions, cracks and other phenomena are found on the product surface during grinding, the welder shall be notified to repair welding in time.
  8. Self inspection shall be carried out after grinding. There shall be no obvious grinding lines and depressions in the grinding area and no welding spatter around. Products shall be stored in categories, stacked neatly and orderly, and protective measures shall be taken


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