Processing and post-processing of sheet metal large frame

The post-treatment of sheet metal products is mainly the treatment of the surface of sheet metal products, that is, in order to protect the materials, a layer of film is coated on the surface to prevent oxidation, and the adhesion of paint can be enhanced. The process includes electroplating, electrostatic adsorption, paint baking, oxidation treatment, etc., of which electrostatic adsorption is mainly used for cold-rolled plates. The processing of sheet metal parts is basically completed after post-processing. Therefore, we must pay attention to the protection of materials and parts, and do not scratch them, otherwise they will be unqualified. The process of sheet metal processing is the combination of theory and practice, which organically combines the basic process knowledge, basic process methods and basic process practice of mechanical manufacturing. In this process, attention should be paid to the following aspects: when using sample drawings, the expansion method should be convenient for saving materials and processing timeliness; The position and direction of riveting, budding, punching bump (package) and so on should be marked in the sectional view, so as to facilitate processing and more intuitive understanding; It is necessary to check the parameters such as plate thickness, material and plate thickness tolerance, and indicate the key points and prompts where errors are likely to occur; For places with large and complex dimensions, this part of the drawing should be enlarged; The products that need to be painted or protected should also be prompted. In short, the sheet metal processing process must be completed in strict accordance with the processing procedures.

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