Process benchmarks of sheet metal products should be followed for assembly

According to the specified technical requirements, the process of matching and connecting parts or components to make them into semi-finished products or finished products(finished sheet metal brackets) is called assembly.


In the manufacturing process(sheet metal manufacturer), in order to reduce the error, the following process benchmarks of sheet metal products should be followed for assembly.

  1. All seals must be soaked with oil before assembly.
  2. The parts and components (including purchased parts and outsourced parts) entering the assembly must have the certificate of inspection department before assembly.
  3. The parts must be cleaned and cleaned before assembly, and there shall be no burr, flash, oxide skin, rust, chips, oil stain, colorant and dust.
  4. Before assembly, recheck the main fitting dimensions of parts and components, especially the interference fitting dimensions and relevant accuracy.
  5. Parts shall not be knocked, bumped, scratched or rusted during assembly.
  6. When fastening screws, bolts and nuts, it is strictly prohibited to strike or use inappropriate screwdrivers and wrenches. After fastening, the screw groove, nut, screw and bolt head shall not be damaged.
  7. For fasteners with specified tightening torque requirements, torque wrench must be used and tightened according to the specified tightening torque.
  8. When the same part is fastened with multiple screws (bolts), all screws (bolts) shall be tightened crosswise, symmetrically, step by step and evenly.
  9. Before assembly, strictly check and remove the sharp corners, burrs and foreign matters left during part processing. Ensure that the seal is not scratched during installation.


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