How to Improve the Service Life of Aluminum Shell Moulds?

Custom Steel Enclosures 
Custom Steel Enclosures

In the production of machinery industry, the use of the mold occupies an important position, for the aluminum shell is also the case, the length of the service life of the aluminum shell mold is an important symbol of its production technology level, so how to improve the service life of the aluminum shell mold?

1, aluminum shell mold in the production process, the pressure injection speed can not be too high, too high easy to make mold corrosion and cavity and core deposits on the increase, resulting in die-casting defects. And in the die-casting production process, must be strictly in accordance with the work instructions, to avoid improper use, resulting in early failure of the mold.

2, aluminum shell mold guide structure, must have a reliable guide structure, reduce the wear and tear of the mold, to avoid the upper and lower die misalignment of the damage caused to the mold.

3, in the aluminum shell mold manufacturing, we must be highly concerned about the impact of aluminum shell mold life of each link, and to study, to improve, so as to improve the life of our mold, in order to improve our mold manufacturing level.

4, aluminum shell mold grouping is proper, debugging is stable, cleaning and lubrication work is continuous, these are important aspects of the mold to improve the life.

The above about how to improve the service life of aluminum shell mold is shared here, in general, the choice of appropriate materials, reasonable design of aluminum shell mold structure, choose a reasonable process, proper arrangement of the mold parts of the processing process route, improve working conditions are conducive to improve the quality and service life of aluminum shell mold.

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