How is the Sheet Metal Surface Treatment Process like?

sheet metal
Sheet Metal

After bending, riveting and other processes are completed, the sheet metal should be surface treated. The surface treatment of different plates differs. After cold plate processing, surface electroplating is generally carried out, and after electroplating, spraying treatment is not carried out. Electroplated plate type surface cleaning, degreasing, and then spraying. Stainless steel plate is carried out before the bending can be brushed treatment, without spraying, if you need to spraying to be brushed treatment.

Custom aluminum boxes are generally oxidation treatment, according to the spraying of different colors to choose a different oxidation base color, commonly used black and natural color oxidation; aluminum plate to be sprayed chromate oxidation treatment after spraying. Surface pre-treatment can make the clean surface, significantly improve the adhesion of the coating film, can multiply the corrosion resistance of the coating film. The process of cleaning the workpiece first, first hanging the workpiece on the assembly line, first after cleaning solution in, then into the clear water, followed by the spraying area, and then through the drying area, and finally the workpiece from the assembly line to take off.

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