Galvanized type of sheet metal chassis

Cyanide zinc plating

Because (CN) is highly toxic, environmental protection has put forward strict restrictions on the use of cyanide in galvanizing, constantly promoting the development of cyanide reduction and cyanide replacement electroplating solution system, requiring the use of low cyanide (micro cyanide) electroplating solution. After electroplating with this process, the product quality is good, especially the color plating, and the color remains good after passivation.

Zincate zinc plating

This process is evolved from cyanide zinc plating. Zincate zinc plating with alkaline additives; The pH value is 12.5~13. With this process, the lattice structure of the coating is columnar, which has good corrosion resistance and is suitable for color galvanizing.

Chloride zinc plating

This process is widely used in the electroplating industry, accounting for up to 40%. After passivation (blue white), zinc can replace chromium (comparable to chromium plating), especially after adding water-soluble varnish, it is difficult for laymen to identify whether it is zinc plating or chromium plating. This process is suitable for white passivation (blue white, silver white).

Sulfate zinc plating

This process is suitable for continuous plating (wire, strip, simple, coarse and large parts and components). Low cost. The galvanizing industry is a polluting industry. Although it is widely used and low-cost, galvanizing products do not meet ROHS standards, so galvanizing products should not be used in product design.

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