Communication cabinet

The role of chassis and cabinet has three aspects:

First of all, it provides space for storage devices such as power supply, motherboard, various expansion boards, floppy disk drives, optical disk drives, hard disk drives, etc., and these parts are firmly fixed inside the chassis through supports, brackets, various screws or clips and other connectors inside the chassis, forming an intensive whole. Secondly, its solid shell protects the board, power supply and storage equipment, which can prevent pressure, impact and dust, and it can also perform the functions of anti-electromagnetic interference and radiation, playing the role of shielding electromagnetic radiation.

Thirdly, it also provides many easy-to-use panel switches and indicators, so that the operator can operate the microcomputer more conveniently or observe the operation of the microcomputer. We understand the chassis and cabinets, so that the chassis and cabinets can serve us well.

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