Causes of defective sheet metal parts

During operation. It usually has no macroscopic signs and is suddenly relatively dangerous. It is easy to appear in cold extrusion and cold pier dies. Before they appear, there is no obvious plastic deformation. The fracture and tear of cold extrusion and cold pier shaped punches are common, which will lead to permanent failure of the die. This may cause loss of personnel and property. Failure due to insufficient strength. Many researchers have conducted a large number of studies and believe that iron metal cold pier punches with hardness lower than 56 HRC and cold extrusion dies with hardness lower than 62 HRC are vulnerable to this effect. Not only the die is broken, but also the undercut and bending of the pier caused by the insufficient compression and bending resistance of the material in the production process are usually related to the low hardness of the die. Wear failure. The so-called wear failure means that the shape and size of the workpiece (such as cutting edge and punch) will cause changes in friction with the material to be machined, usually including normal wear and abnormal wear failure. Normal wear failure: for cold extrusion dies and cold extrusion dies, the friction between the material and the material to be processed is more uniform.

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