Blank holder technology during bending of sheet metal parts

Flattening process, also known as dead edge pressing, is a common process in the process of plate bending. It can improve the strength of the sheet metal edge and make the sheet metal edge smooth without grinding. The dead edge of the bending machine needs to be bent twice, that is, the mold needs to be replaced. First, use a 30 ° sharp knife to bend 30 ° ~ 45 ° with the inserted deep V groove, and then use the flattening mold to flatten. When the flanging machine is used to process the plate leveling process, there is no need to change the mold. Through the mutual cooperation of the flanging beam and the pressing beam, a variety of leveling effects can be achieved. It is common to press the bottom and flatten the dead edge. For the flanging machine, whether it is forward or reverse flattening, there is no need to turn over the plate. The plate is directly placed on the worktable, and the forming angle of 30 ° ~ 45 ° is completed through the conventional bending process. Then the formed flanging angle is sent to the lower die table, and the whole process can be completed in just a few seconds by using the pressing die to flatten it. For the demand of bending after flattening, the flanging machine can process directly.

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