​Basic coating of the joint surface of sheet metal parts in Dalian

Ferrous metal plates are easily oxidized and rusted gradually due to exposure to air or contamination with harmful substances, leading to yellow rust spots and damaging the original coating layer. Especially the parts processed by hammering, welding and other processes in the process of sheet metal work are more likely to damage the original coating protection layer and accelerate corrosion. Even if the paint film is sprayed, the paint film will quickly interact with each other. The base coating comes off together. At this time, a thorough painting process must be performed again.

Use a wire brush or iron sandpaper to polish and clean the surface of the black metal sheet. If possible, you can use the widely used cleaning tool-nylon abrasive disc to thoroughly polish and clean the metal surface. When disassembling and repairing the car body (especially the accident car), spray the spray liquid specially used for rust removal, paint removal, and oxidation slag and dirt before and after metal welding on the folded edge and overlap of the sheet material, or use Replace with anti-rust primer with good anti-rust ability.Dalian sheet metal partsBasic coating of bonding surface

After repairing the car body, if the anti-corrosion treatment is not carried out, the joint surface of the sheet metal parts will often be oxidized and corroded due to the presence of various impurities and water vapor within one or two years, which affects the strength of the welding point, so it should be sprayed and welded zinc in time Agent.

Automobile sheet metal parts can be divided into two categories according to the manufacturer: original parts and auxiliary parts. The so-called “original factory” generally refers to the installed parts for the complete vehicle manufacturer; the “secondary factory” refers to the non-matching parts produced by the non-supporting manufacturers. The prices of most original parts are higher than those of auxiliary parts. Generally, people think that the original parts replaced at the special maintenance station or the original parts bought in the auto parts market should be the same as the original car, in fact, there will be large or small differences. For example, the “original” type of sheet metal parts are divided into several levels: the first level is of good quality, and it is a special loading part, that is, the original car belt, which is not available outside; the second level product It is for special maintenance stations. Except for the gap that may be caused by the process during installation or replacement, the product itself is not much different from the first level; the third level is the accessories products that flow to the retail market, although they are still sold It is the higher price of the original parts, but in fact its quality is no longer comparable to that of the real original car. And the product quality of the “secondary factory” parts is also mixed: the products of the first-class “secondary factory” automobile sheet metal parts are almost comparable to the original parts. This type of products are mostly produced by manufacturers with strong capital and hardware strength, ranging from material selection to The assembly line mechanical operation can guarantee standardization; the materials and manufacturing processes used in the second-level “secondary factory” are inferior to those of the first-level products; and the latter category is full of numbers, and there is no quality at all. Low prices deceive consumers. Some repair stations operate in violation of regulations. The so-called original parts are actually inferior “secondary parts” wholesaled from the auto parts market. Far higher than the auto parts market.

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