Integrated cold working process of sheet metal chassis

The sheet metal server chassis is the chassis required after the metal sheet is cooled and formed by using the comprehensive cold processing technology. Common processing technologies include cutting, punching, cutting, compounding, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming, etc. I believe many people have learned about this kind of server chassis in their lives, and most of the sheet metal will be processed in the following ways. 1. Blanking. According to different processing methods, blanking can be divided into general punching, numerical punching, shearing machine cutting, laser cutting and wind cutting. Due to different processing methods, the processing technology of blanking is also different. Sheet metal cutting methods mainly include numerical punching and laser cutting. 2. Bending. When the material is bent, on the fillet area, the outer layer is stretched and the inner layer is compressed. When the tensile stress of the outer fillet exceeds the greater strength of the material, cracks and fractures will occur. Therefore, the structural design of bending parts should avoid too small bending fillet radius. 3. Molding. Pressing ribs on the plate-shaped metal parts helps to increase the structural rigidity. Louvers are usually used for ventilation and heat dissipation on various covers or casings. Their forming method is to cut the material through one edge of the punch, while the rest of the punch simultaneously stretches and deforms the material to form an undulating shape with one opening. 4. Welding. The welding methods mainly include arc welding, electroslag welding, gas welding and plasma arc welding, and the welding of sheet metal products mainly includes arc welding and gas welding. The above is the common processing of sheet metal server chassis.

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