Specification of stamping die

  1. die size and locking screw

The size of the formwork shall be larger than the working area, and the standard formwork size shall be selected. The position configuration of the template locking screw is related to the type of mold and the size of the template. Among them, single engineering molds are most often equipped with locking screws at four corners, and the most standard working area can be widely used. Locking screws are most often used in the four corners and middle positions of long molds and continuous molds.

  1. thickness of formwork

The thickness of the template is absolutely related to the structure of the die, the type of stamping processing, the processing force of stamping processing, and the precision of stamping processing. It is difficult to determine the thickness of the mold based on theoretical calculation. Generally, it is obtained from experience. The thickness of the template used in the design should be as few as possible. It should be standardized with the mold height and clamping height to facilitate procurement and inventory management.

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