Laser cutting sheet metal parts manufacturers introduce you to how to save stainless steel pipes

How to keep stainless steel pipes for longer time?The following isLaser cutting sheet metal partsThe manufacturer introduces you to the knowledge of stainless steel storage:

1. The warehouse and other places where stainless steel pipes are stored should be clean and kept away from factories and mines with toxic gases and dust;

2. Stainless steel pipes cannot be put together with corrosive materials such as acid, alkali, salt, cement, etc., to prevent contact corrosion;

3. The storage place of stainless steel pipes should be kept dry and ventilated. It must be closed and moisture-proof in rainy days;

4. It is recommended not to put the stainless steel pipe directly on the ground, it is recommended to put it on the top of the pile or anything that can be increased to avoid touching the ground.

Laser cutting sheet metal parts manufacturers tell you how to save stainless steel pipes

The first step for storing stainless steel pipes is of course to choose a suitable warehouse. The suitable site is generally clean and requires smooth ventilation and exhaust. It should be as far away as possible from harmful gas sources and dust sources. There should be no acid, alkali, salt, cement, industrial reagents, etc. near the stainless steel pipe. In addition, moisture-proof measures for warehouses should also be in place. In general, closed warehouses should be adopted for stainless steel tube warehouses.

There should be a dedicated storage rack. The storage rack should be a wooden or painted carbon steel bracket or a rubber pad to isolate it from carbon steel and other metal materials. When storing, the storage location should be convenient for hoisting, relatively isolated from other material storage areas, and protective measures should be taken to avoid contamination of stainless steel by dust, oil, and rust.

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