How to improve the machining accuracy of sheet metal machining?

Whether it is a sheet metal processing manufacturer or an individual, the sheet metal processing accuracy may be unsatisfactory. Therefore, in order to better ensure the power, reduce material waste and reduce labor, we need to improve the machining accuracy of sheet metal machining. Do you know how to improve the machining accuracy of sheet metal machining?

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Methods to improve the machining accuracy of sheet metal processing:

  1. Balance method:

If the positioning error of sheet metal processing is large, the differential method can be used. Divide the original errors into n groups according to their size, reduce the size of each group of errors to the original 1 / N, and then adjust according to each group.

  1. Compensation method:

Artificially create new errors to offset the original errors in the process system. When the original error is negative, the human error is positive. Otherwise, the sheet metal processing should take a negative value and try to make the two scales equal.

  1. Delivery method:

Transfer the original error of the sheet metal processing system to the non-sensitive direction of the processing error or other aspects that do not affect the processing accuracy under certain conditions. For example, when the accuracy of the machine tool can not meet the requirements of part processing, conditions may be created on the processing or fixture, so that some errors of the machine tool can be transferred to the aspect that does not affect the machining accuracy of sheet metal.

  1. Homogenization method:

Parts with high machining accuracy of sheet metal can be homogenized. It identifies differences through closely related appearances, and then corrects or benchmarks each other, so as to reduce and balance the errors of workpiece appearance.

  1. Error reduction method:

If there are any errors in production, first find out the main factors affecting processing errors, and then try to eliminate or reduce these factors. For example, when machining parts with shape and appearance, it is mainly to reduce the shape error and equipment error of forming tools.

To sum up, there are five common methods to improve the machining accuracy of sheet metal machining. Through these aspects, we can effectively improve the accuracy of sheet metal processing, so as to ensure efficiency and reduce material waste and labor force.

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