Flying welding and its advantages

Laser flying welding combines the advantages of remote welding, galvanometer and manipulator, and cooperates with professional graphics processing software to realize three-dimensional instantaneous multi track welding. It is mainly applied to automobile body, seats, common auto parts and other products. In terms of materials, it can be applied to all kinds of steel plate, cold rolled plate, aluminum alloy and other common materials, as well as composite materials and alloy materials, such as magnesium aluminum alloy.

Advantages of seat flying welding:

  1. Weld form.

2.Weld direction.

3.User defined weld / point distribution.

  1. Optimize the stress distribution.

5.High speed spot welding, seam welding, overlap welding, butt welding, fillet welding and lap welding are available.

  1. The welding joint is synchronized with the robot in real time to accelerate the laser welding process.

7.Less floor space.

8.Less maintenance and logistics costs.

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