Development and application of sheet metal manufacturing industry

Sheet metal manufacturing is the blanking or cold and hot forming of sheet metal materials, aluminum profiles and pipe fittings without changing their cross-sectional characteristics. Then the assembly is carried out by means of electric welding, riveting and screw connection, and the production and manufacturing mode of the specified metal structure is produced. The key involves a variety of technical types of work, such as milling, blanking, stamping die, metal material drilling, electric welding, heat treatment process, surface treatment, riveting and assembly.

Application of sheet metal manufacturing: sheet metal manufacturing has a series of advantages such as manufacturing efficiency, stable quality, low cost and can produce and manufacture complex products and workpieces. Therefore, it is widely used in the application fields of mechanical equipment, vehicles, airports, light industry, motors, household appliances, electrical products(electrical sheet metal chassis) and their daily necessities, and occupies a key influence. According to the survey, sheet metal parts account for 60% ~ 70% of auto parts; Airfield sheet metal parts account for more than 40% of the whole machine parts; Mechanical and electrical engineering, instruments and equipment and sheet metal parts in instrument panel account for 60% ~ 70% of the number of production and manufacturing accessories; Sheet metal parts account for more than 85% of accessories in electronic equipment; The sheet metal parts of daily appliances in the sales market account for more than 90% of the total metal manufacturing.

With the development of science and technology and the development of manufacturing technology, a large number of new technologies such as sheet metal CAD, cam and CAE have been applied. Many new machines and equipment such as blanking, forming, electric welding and welding of NC machine tools (such as optical fiber laser cutting, plasma cutting machine, water knife cutting machine, rotary head press of NC machine tools, sheet metal bending of NC machine tools, welding manipulator, robot welding, etc.) have been widely used in various fields.

At this stage, the technology of sheet metal manufacturing is developing rapidly, fully automatic, precision and stability. A variety of rapid presses, stamping die flexible manufacturing (FMS) with the functions of full-automatic production and manufacturing, full-automatic transportation and discharging, and presses for sheet metal manufacturing of various NC machine tools have successively obtained the development, design and development trend. It can be predicted that the technical strength of sheet metal manufacturing may further rise, the main uses of sheet metal prefabricated components may be more and more widely, and the total number of applications may be more and more.

Machining Scope:Precision Laser CuttingFiber Laser CuttingCNC Robot BendingRivetingWelding, Broaching, DrillingTapping, CNC Machining, Metal FinishingAssembling etc.

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