Acceptance standard for sheet metal electronic cabinet

The inspection and acceptance site can be at the manufacturer or the product arrival place designated by Party A, and the results shall be consistent, and the final result shall be the final result.

Acceptance criteria reference:

  1. the flatness of the bottom and other sides of the box is 1mm.
  2. the verticality of the front and rear or left and right elevations of the box to the ground is 1mm.
  3. the parallelism of the top and bottom surfaces of the panel is 0.5mm, and the perpendicularity of the side and bottom surfaces is 0.5mm.
  4. after the panel is installed into the box, it shall be vertical and upright. The perpendicularity between its side and the bottom of the box is 0.5mm, and the parallelism between the bottom and the bottom of the box is 0.5mm.
  5. to install the plug-in frame of the circuit board or chassis, it is necessary to assemble the analog circuit board or chassis with the tooling. The tooling should be smooth when installing and pulling out the plug-in box. After installing the plug-in box, it should be properly and firmly without floating or loosening. The hard connected connector shall be correctly aligned, and there shall be no abnormal blocking when inserting and pulling out.

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