Methods to Improve the Accuracy of Workpiece Bending

Steel Box Manufacturers
Steel Box Manufacturers

To overcome the accuracy error due to uneven materials. In the selection of materials to try to choose a uniform texture of the plate, choose these materials professional manufacturers, such manufacturers are more professional technology, production equipment, etc. is also more complete, technical services are also better some. Comprehensive analysis of manufacturers of various materials, whether they can meet the requirements of our business, in order to choose a stable process parameters for processing.

Eliminate the impact on accuracy due to material rebound. An effective way to eliminate rebound is to increase the pressure appropriately during the bending process to make the loading time longer. At the same time, for those workpieces with high processing accuracy requirements, the entire edge of the sheet can be partially removed during undercutting. If possible, press reinforcement in the bending part to improve the stiffness of the workpiece and inhibit the rebound.

Reduce the deflection of the machine itself. This is one of the easiest ways to improve the bending accuracy of the workpiece. In order to reduce the deflection of the machine itself, an inclined wedge structure needs to be set above the upper die, which is used to compensate for the deflection error caused by the upper die of the machine. During the operation, the upper slider is adjusted to a circular arc projecting in the middle before bending, and after the load is applied, the upper slider is deformed into a straight line, so that it is basically the same as the actual displacement.

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