Flanging riveting

1、 definition:

After the budding of one iron part is pre matched with the through hole or salad hole of another workpiece, a round punch is used to tightly press the budding peripheral wall turnover switch on the salad or plate surface of another workpiece, so as to connect two workpieces.

2、 Flanging riveting elements:

1) Budding: a stamping process in which iron parts are stretched outward into a ring column shape.

  1. Process steps: pre punching – stretching (multi-stage stretching).
  2. Pre flushing: it has an effect on the shape and height of budding.

(without pre flushing, the front end of budding is lotus shaped, i.e. cracking.)

  1. Control parameters: budding height / external tightening / wall thickness.

2) Salad: if connecting thicker workpieces, the connecting surface often needs to press salad first.

Its main purpose is to facilitate flanging and fitting, and has the function of automatic riveting.

3) . riveting: A. punch shape: conical

  1. The fit tolerance (budding outer diameter / through hole) is 0.05-0.1mm.

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